Take the first step to break language barriers

Specialist language training and language courses for your day-to-day working life.

Acolad’s language training is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. Learners will take a proficiency test before starting the training to help Acolad plan the content of the training.

You will work together with Acolad’s professional language trainer who will help you improve your speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills in English.

All our language courses are planned based on your learning goals. A typical course can focus for example on presentation skills, rhetoric skills, pronunciation, grammar, terminology related to your professional needs, increasing capacity to actively use English, or communicating with a multicultural audience.


How to order

If you are interested in a language course then you are welcome to contact us or you can fill out our interest form and we will immediately get back to you with details of your requirements and how to proceed.

If you order by email, please provide at least the following information: participants’ names and contact details, training format (instructor-led, self-study, or hybrid), learning needs, training location, and course length.



Acolad’s price per lesson (60 minutes) is 690 SEK for all group sizes.

Example prices for typical course lengths are:
  • Language course with 10 x 60 minute meetings = 6 900 SEK
  • Language course with 15 x 60 minute or 10 x 90 minute meetings = 10 350 SEK
  • Half-day seminar (3 x 60 minutes) = 2 070 SEK
  • Full-day seminar (6 x 60 minutes) = 4 140 SEK
Course literature and other study materials (books or digital programs) are invoiced separately.
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Available courses and trainings

Instructor-led-training-illustration-karolinska institutet
Instructor-led training

When you have the freedom to schedule regular sessions, studying with a professional trainer is a very effective way to improve your language skills.

Acolad offers both private training and group training for small groups (2 to 8 participants). A typical instructor-led course is for example 10 or 15 sessions.

You can meet your language trainer online or onsite at either Karolinska Institutet’s or Acolad’s premises.

Language-training-seminar-illustration-karolinska institutet
Language training seminars

A language training seminar is an intensive half-day or full-day event that focuses on a specific topic. The maximum number of participants is twelve per seminar. Seminars can be held both online and onsite.

Self-study-illustration-karolinska intituted

Study when and where it suits you with our digital programs and courses on a variety of business topics. Our digital materials make language learning fun, flexible and cost-effective.

illustration-karolinska-hybrid learning
Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning means finding the right mix for your learning needs. It is about combining the benefits of online self-study with the effectiveness of instructor-led training.

Your contact people


Kiia Lindewall

Course coordinator

+358 40 6550 319


Jessika Andersson Carotti

Director of Sales and Accounts

+46 76 947 88 03