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NORDIC Techkomm 2024

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Join us at NORDIC TechKomm 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark, on September 18-19, where Acolad is proud to be an active participant. Engage with our experts, discover the transformative power of AI in technical communication, and explore cutting-edge solutions at our booth. This is your chance to elevate your technical communication strategies and connect with industry leaders.

NORDIC TechKomm 2024 will bring together international experts to discuss the latest trends and topics in technical communication. This year's focus, "Level Up Your Technical Communication," provides a unique platform for advanced professionals, including technical writers, information developers, technical communication managers, and content architects, to enhance their skills and share best practices.

We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen!


Speaking at NORDIC Techkomm

Leena Peltomaa
AI Solutions Owner at Acolad

Revolutionizing DEI and Regulatory Compliance in Global Tech Communication

Learn about the challenges of maintaining DEI principles and regulatory compliance in global tech communication. Leena Peltoma will explore how advanced AI algorithms can tackle these issues by automating validation processes, identifying gaps, and providing actionable insights.


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