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SCOPE Europe: Summit for Clinical Ops Executives is a cornerstone event for clinical innovation leaders, clinicians, digital experts, and professionals responsible for overseeing clinical trials across Europe and the Rest of the World.

The conference will cover an array of topics vital to the evolving landscape of clinical trials, including digitalization, decentralized and hybrid trial operations, protocol optimization, patient engagement, diversity and equity, risk-based quality management, AI, and real-world data utilization.

In an era where global trials are increasingly the norm, precise translation and interpretation services are paramount for ensuring seamless communication and compliance. Acolad's experts can help streamline this crucial aspect of clinical research, fostering collaboration and facilitating effective communication between international teams. Meet us at Booth # 31.

Meet the Team

Anne Ertlé-2

Anne Ertlé 
Senior Director, Strategic Accounts at Acolad Life Sciences

Helga Mosner-1

Helga Mosner 
Senior Director of Strategic Accounts at Acolad Life Sciences

Daniela Rughetti

Daniela Rughetti 
Strategic Account Manager at Acolad Life Sciences

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