Is your company feeling the weight of AI's transformative power?

You're not alone.

In a world where technology evolves faster than ever, navigating the AI landscape can be overwhelming. But fear not – there's a path to harness its potential and drive real growth.

Join us for an event featuring a special guest speaker, Frédéric Queudret, Chief AI & Technology Officer of Acolad. Mark your calendar for October 26 at 3pm CET and discover how leading companies across diverse industries are leveraging Ethical AI to build trust with clients, customers, and stakeholders while safeguarding privacy, security, and compliance.

Learn how to empower your employees with Bring Your Own AI (BYOAI) practices and drive productivity, all while preserving sensitive information.

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Embrace the future of AI, empower your team, and position your company for unparalleled success.

Meet the Speaker

Frédéric Queudret

Frédéric Queudret

Frédéric Queudret joined Acolad in 2021, as the group’s Chief Technology Officer after an impressive career which included companies like Microsoft and DocuSign.

Queudret is passionate about coaching R&D teams, software architecture and economics of innovation. Known in the industry as a tech leader, he is totally committed to innovation and to implementing technological solutions that service a company’s productivity and not the opposite. He has authored multiple publications on topics such as Cloud computing, security and application development in general.

His deep interest and knowledge of all things AI have led him to pioneer innovative programs at Acolad, as his role expanded to Chief AI and Technology Officer.

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