Charting the Future of Content Creation in Brussels

One year post the introduction of ChatGPT in our lives, we’re bringing together industry leaders, subject matter experts and professionals from different backgrounds to demystify the role of AI in the content value chain.

Join us at the iconic Tours & Taxis venue in the heart of Brussels, to explore the fusion of creativity and technology as we redefine content creation, translation, distribution, and consumption.

Our panelists will share real-world experiences and the ethical considerations behind AI, while delving into emerging trends and the novel services that AI promises to deliver.  Embark on this captivating journey into the future of content creation.

  • Share experiences with implementing AI in content creation.
  • Share insights into digital transformation and how AI is driving innovation.
  • Discuss the new services and opportunities that AI unlocks.
  • Explore ethical concerns and considerations when integrating AI into content.
  • Discuss responsible AI practices in the industry
  • 16:00 Arrival & Networking Coffee
  • 16:30 Opening & Introductions
  • 17:00 Panel Discussion
  • 18:00 Cocktail and Networking
  • 19:00 Closing

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