Discover how to keep your digital workplace secure and compliant with AvePoint Policies & Insights!

Microsoft has made sharing easy. We can share directly from files, SharePoint, Teams, or even drop files in Teams chats. And that's a good thing as it allows us to collaborate more easily both internally and externally.

But there's also a balance to be found between security and compliance: many organizations lose track of who has access to what, which sensitive content may be shared externally, or which anonymous links have been active for months or even years.

Enter AvePoint Policies & Insights. AvePoint Policies & Insights not only gives full insight into shadow users and potentially overshared sensitive content; it also allows you to fix permissions on the spot and even implement policies to prevent similar security issues.

In this webinar, we'll provide typical examples of security and compliance risks in Microsoft Teams, and an easy way to detect, fix and prevent those.