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About the Webinar

When expanding internationally, fashion and luxury companies must convey their brand’s voice in a way that resonates with each market, while also managing website pages, product information, marketing campaigns, training materials, and other content in multiple languages, which can be complex and time-consuming. However, technology can make multilingual content management easier and reduce or eliminate manual steps that cause errors and lower quality.

This webinar will give concrete tips for how fashion and luxury companies can make their multilingual content strategy a success by using automation and smart tech solutions. Our experts will highlight the advantages of translation connectors and machine translation with human post-editing, and will include a case study of how these solutions increased localization efficiency for one of our clients.

If you work in fashion and handle multilingual content, you won’t want to miss this discussion!

Our speakers

Christophe Eyraud_Business Solutions_Acolad 400x400

Christophe Eyraud

Christophe started in the Translation industry in 2000. Since then, he worked as a Translator, Product Manager, Localization Support Engineer and Solutions Architect. Christophe is now Head of Business Solutions at Acolad. His team designs and implements solutions to help translation buyers add value to their localization workflows.

Alice Pagliai circle portrait

Alice Pagliai

Alice Pagliai is Business Development Manager in Acolad Southern Europe. She helps Luxury & Fashion brands to connect with their local customers and get their contents out into the world. Alice is an enthusiast traveller and she has lived in Italy, Spain, UK and Chile in the last five years. Her passion is providing brands with linguistic and technological solutions to enhance their international business and make them stand out in a fast paced industry.