Achieve your business goals through translation!

Learn how your company can get a head start in international sales and challenge local competitors by taking localization into account from the beginning. By integrating internationalization aspects in your business model, you achieve a smoother process for localizing your products and services.

This 38-page ebook highlights the key aspects involved. An experienced localization manager, who is also the main language service buyer at global enterprise Esri, shares his best advice from a client perspective on the following topics:

Chapter 1. Why are translation and localization so important?

Chapter 2. How can translation help a company achieve its goals?

Chapter 3. Why should translation be part of the business model and strategy?

Chapter 4. Practical 12-step checklist: What is the best way to select language service vendors?

Chapter 5. How can a company successfully collaborate with language service providers?

Chapter 6. Will translation give a concrete return on investment?


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