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1. What modern elearning is and isn’t

  •  Common misconceptions about elearning
  •  What elearning is and isn’t
  •  What brought about the change?

2. Benefits of elearning

  • Rich content
  • Pedagogic structuring & presentation of information
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Customization

3. Versatility of elearning. Practical examples of how elearning can drive change for different B2B user groups:

  • Case 1 – HR challenge: internal competence development
  • Case 2 – Management challenge: organization-wide learning
  • Case 3 – Sales challenge: unified learning results across teams, countries and language borders
  • Case 4 – Marketing challenge: educating external target groups (open & converting content)

4. Summary – Modern elearning is…

5. Checklist – What do you need to consider before ordering elearning?

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