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This webinar is hosted by Amplexor, an Acolad company. Amplexor is part of Acolad group, and the two brands co-promote the webinar.

A look at going global from the marketing, procurement, and localization perspectives

Are you hoping to take your company’s content localization program to the next level? Maybe you want to learn more about localization best practices so you can educate the various stakeholders in your organization. If you currently find yourself in one of these situations, watch our informal roundtable discussion about localization strategy for tips from industry experts! 

What you’ll get out of this webinar: 

  • Concrete tips for improving your localization program through centralization and the use of translation memories
  • Actionable insights for implementing a localization strategy 
  • Advice on building a successful partnership with your localization provider



Tyson Shelley circle

Tyson Shelley

Localization Lead at Zoom

Tyson earned his MA degree in Translation and Localization Management from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey in 2011 and has experience in a variety of Localization functions. In his current role as Localization Lead at Zoom Video Communications, he has been working hard since October 2019 to build a team and a world-class localization program from the ground up. 

Roger Nolan circle

Roger Nolan

Managing Director International Business at It Works!

Roger’s experience originated in supply chain and procurement but has extended to include much more. Leading the International division of a US family-owned company, It Works!, Roger has led the 8-fold increase in global manufacturing outside the US, developed a European distribution network, led the operational outsourcing of marketing services and is already well advanced in the journey to transform customer contact from a cost center to positive income contribution. 

Megan Newby circle

Megan Newby

Head of Global Category of Marketing, HR Services buyer at DuPont

Megan Newby is currently the Global Category Manager of Marketing, HR Services buyer at DuPont.  Megan is a procurement professional with 10+ years of experience. She had worked in Logistics procurement at DuPont before taking on her role in the Marketing and HR space where she works to develop relationships while developing the marketing procurement category strategy.  Megan currently partners with Amplexor as one of DuPont’s strategic suppliers.