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Whether it is needed for a call with a colleague or client, or for a large conference with hundreds of participants speaking different languages, being able to communicate freely beyond the barrier of language enhances the ability to succeed as individuals and as a reflection of a company or organization.


You'll discover:

  • How interpreting, enhanced by the right technology, can help you overcome linguistic challenges 

  • How to understand the full portfolio of remote interpreting services and select the appropriate solution – from human interpretation to AI

  • Best practices for organizing meetings and events with remote interpretation


Meet the Speaker


Giulia Silvestrini is an Interpreting Solution Manager at Acolad, a leading player in the language industry. Giulia started off her career as a freelance conference interpreter (FTI, EMCI). Focused on the Interpreting market Giulia tailors and develops Interpreting as a distinct offering to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements - from conference interpretation to the provision of interpreting services to support daily multilingual communication within companies and organizations. 

This webinar was hosted by Amplexor, an Acolad company, which has since rebranded as Acolad.