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Chapter 1. Why would you go multilingual?

  • What are the benefits of reusing your content and marketing it in other languages?
  • Case: native advertising promotion using English vs. local language versions

Chapter 2. It's all about the strategy

  • How do you ensure the ROI of your marketing efforts?
  • What languages will you be going for?

Chapter 3. The Buyer's Journey  What’s needed to build a marketing funnel that converts for other languages?

Chapter 4. Multilingual SEO

  • Multilingual SEO – ensuring that your customers will find your content
  • Modern SEO – ranking factors other than repetition of words
  • Keyword concepts – what changes will machine learning algorithms bring to SEO?

Chapter 5. From Translation to Transcreation

  • What's transcreation? What's needed to have content transcreated?
  • Best practices in ordering translation and localization work
  • Translation memories and terminology management
  • High-volume and complex? Integration and automation to the rescue.

Chapter 6. Multilingual Content Promotion  what are the main aspects you should consider when promoting your content in other languages?

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