In this webinar for financial communication professionals, Manuel Andersen, Director of Investor Relations at Séché Environnement, shares his feedback on the production and translation of their Universal Registration Document. This project was carried out with the help of Acolad's teams and the PomDoc Pro solution.

In this webinar
  • Séché Environnement's first steps with Pomdoc Pro
  • How Séché Environnement managed their URD project autonomously
  • The challenges of producing a multilingual Universal Registration Document
  • Next steps 

Our speakers

Manuel Andersen, Director of Investor Relations at Séché Environnement

With a presence in 15 countries and more than 40 sites in France, Séché Environnement develops unique ways of managing industrial and household waste to preserve resources and protect people and the environment.

Zuzana Barbier, Pre-Sales Manager at Acolad

Acolad is one of the world's leading language service providers. Thanks to a network of expert translators and cutting-edge technologies, the group offers a wide range of services for all professional sectors (translation, localization, interpreting, language training, e-learning, etc.).

Anne Couty, Sales Director, Pomelo-Paradigm

Pomdoc Pro is an application developed by Pomelo-Paradigm, an expert in collaborative publishing and the European leader in the financial document production market. Easily accessible online, Pomdoc Pro offers a shared work environment with no user limit.