Telelingua is rebranding as Acolad – what does this mean for you? 

One year ago, nine of the companies in the Acolad Group united under the Acolad brand. Now itTelelingua’s turn. In June 2020Telelingua began to rebrand as Acolad. The transition will last until September 23rd, after which we will be fully rebranded as Acolad. 

In this article, we’ll explain these changes and take a look at what they mean for you.  

How will our customers benefit from our rebranding? 

Our clients were able to enjoy some of the benefits offered by the Acolad Group before this rebranding even began. For example, the Acolad Group gives us access to a network of more than 18,000 professional translators. We’ve made use of the wider network of translators since 2018, and we’ve also been able to offer new services and technologies 

Will this affect my translation projects? 

The rebranding will not affect your current or future projects. You can continue to trust our uncompromising approach to quality and deadlines. The rebranding will mainly affect our communications and visual image, but we will continue to offer the same high-quality services. 

Our legal entity will not change 

Our new brand won’t change our legal name, and therefore our invoicing process will remain the same. We’ll use the new brand as our marketing name in our communications, but our legal business name will remain TelelinguaThis change requires no action from you. 

Customer portals and user credentials will not change 

Not to worry, the rebranding will not affect our client portal or your user account and credentials. However, the visual appearance, such as the portals logos, colors, and fonts, will be updated as part of the rebranding to ensure consistency with our new image. The addresses of the portals won’t change – and if they do at any point in the future, you will be automatically redirected. 

Changes to our online presence 

Telelingua’s website will still be available during the transition period. Our new web address will be, and visitors will be automatically redirected to the new address after the end of the transition period in September. This change will require no action on your part: you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding page on the Acolad website. During the transition period, we’ll publish all of our new articles on the Acolad blog at 

Will our contact information change? 

When we rebrand, our employees’ email addresses will change. We will start using our new email addresses in OctoberThe new email addresses will consist of the first letter of the employees first name followed by their last name, without a full stop between the first letter and the last name. The email domain will be For example, Jane Doe’s email address would be 

Even if you send an email to a former Telelingua address, we’ll still receive your message – any messages sent to an old email address will be automatically redirected to the new address. 

Our other contact information, such as phone numbers or office addresses, won’t change. You’ll be able to reach your dedicated contact at the same number as before. The rebranding will not affect our invoicing information either. 


Your trusted language service expert 

We will continue to be your trusted language service partner. After our rebranding, you will only need to remember one name for all of your language needsAcolad. As part of the Acolad Group, we can combine the strengths of a global leader with the proximity of a local partner. Our network of 18,000 professional translators allows us to provide exceptional service to every one of our clientsRead more about the Acolad brand here. More information about the Group’s rebranding is available here. 

We will ensure that this rebranding doesn’t inconvenience you, our customers and partners. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our rebranding. Your satisfaction and the quality of our services will continue to be our key priorities.